101 Best Infographic Examples for Beginners 2024 List

Checklists are immediately actionable, which makes them valuable and one of the best infographic examples. Want to tell people the steps they need to take when purchasing a home, or even the things they should purchase before moving into said home? You can make checklists about things that people need to accomplish, or things they need to buy.

  1. Created by Designmantic, it’s broken down into colour-coded themes (create a story, ensure accessibility and so on), with simple icons to convey the key rules within each category.
  2. Any infographic depicting a process — be it abstract or easy to understand — needs to carefully direct the viewer through graphics.
  3. A well-designed infographic like this will catch your eye almost instantly.
  4. Find out what kind of topics will appeal to your audience and what questions they might have unanswered.
  5. In the meantime, you could also check out our hand-picked collection of 20 free fonts you can add to your fonts library.

Check out this video to find out how you can create an infographic in Visme. Keep in mind that the goal of an infographic is not only to inform, but also to make the viewing experience fun and engaging for your audience. By definition, an infographic is a visual representation of any kind of information or data. Designer Stephanie Phung created effective infographic examples this engaging visualization to make more people aware of the ocean’s current state of pollution. Infographics are a great way to add visual flavor to otherwise dry content, like annual reports and whitepapers. And when you have mere seconds to capture people’s increasingly narrow attention span, the information better be easy to learn.

Visual.ly created a dazzling infographic for the Huffington Post that vividly illustrates the true costs of renewable energy. Simple images are used to visually explain the monetary figures used throughout, and statistics are highlighted in large fonts. Marketo’s uniquely engaging infographic illustrates a journey through the world of visual content as points along a board game. Readers explore this fictional world along a path that weaves between lands of topics highlighted with statistics and professional tips. The team at Visual.ly expertly illustrated Handley’s “Step-by-Step Directions for Writing Your Next Piece of Content” in an engaging infographic.

Develop a clear and compelling brand purpose.

Just like the origin stories of superheroes, the origin stories of a field of interest, industry, company or influential person often make for a great infographic. I would recommend creating a few of these checklists for some of the most common issues that your team faces each day. Then you can just give your patients a checklist like this to follow when you send them home. Complicated subjects sometimes need to be distilled down into their most important parts. Especially when you’re talking about something very serious like nut allergies. I know if I saw something like this for each book we were assigned to read, I would be very excited to start reading.

Allergy Fact Sheet Infographic Idea

The first step is to sign up on Visme (it’s free!) and choose a template to get started with. If you want to create your own infographic, you can easily do so using Visme. Here’s an example of how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is using an infographic to create awareness about leaks. As a renowned medical institution, Hopkins has the experience and authority to educate people on this topic, so it fits its brand and is helpful for everyone’s health — a true win-win. So the next time you need to explain the fruits of your labors to your boss, help win them over with an impact-driven infographic. As a growing online publication that focuses on data and technology news, Visual Capitalist’s audience is likely interested in stories around company pivots that led to success.

Which makes this infographic from Visual Capitalist quite an eye opener. Visually comparing the amount of governmental debt owed country by country, you’ll probably be very surprised by the disparity in debt across the globe. To live a healthy life as a designer, you shouldn’t just be taking breaks; you should be doing everything you can at your desk to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Real Business Rescue’s popular design expertly uses dynamic shapes and angles to draw readers’ attention to each highlighted point. Bold statistics quickly communicate important facts and create visual hierarchy within the design. The folks at Tracx compiled a plethora of demographic data on who is using various forms of social media and presented the information in an expertly-designed infographic. This infographic showcases seven great ways to repurpose your blog content so you can increase its lifespan as well as the number of eyes it reaches.

Each goal is separate from the other with bold headers and distinct colors, which are also used to differentiate the UN’s marketing efforts. Although this infographic has a prominent blue background, the other bright colors make engaging with it easy. Humans have been fighting diseases and pandemics long before COVID-19. Here is one of the many infographics that make it easy to learn about past vaccines created to combat these diseases.

And when you’re creating a mashup infographic that brings two distinct audiences together, it’s important to make sure everyone can understand your topic or infographic. However, even though there are a bunch of examples in this creative infographic, it doesn’t feel overwhelming or messy. That’s because the designer used consistent headers and images frames for each section.


Highlighting key information at the top and gradually moving to less important details. The use of a timeline, color coding, and varying sizes of circles effectively conveys the scale and impact of each pandemic. A half-pie chart provides a clear visual comparison of received pitches. Because each bar’s size corresponds to the volume of pitches, it creates instant understanding.

This infographic does an excellent job following one theme, from start to finish. Readers can answer “What’s the point?” within the first few sentences — a best practice, according to CoSchedule. We all know 2020 led to massive changes in the way we work, buy, and enjoy leisure time. But this infographic by Zendesk hones in on a specific group (SMB sales teams) to show how they keep up with the times. Not to mention that people retain 65% of information passed along with an image compared to only 10% when they listen to the same piece of information. First, find sites that have already published content about your topic.

The designers of this infographic did a great job portraying how the tech world is so interconnected. You find yourself getting lost in the wealth of information, intrigued by all the little details. The information is not overwhelming and it is easy to follow for anyone interested in the relationship of social media to high fashion brands. Any fashion enthusiast would relate to the appeal of this design. What’s appealing about this infographic is the hand-illustrated fashion drawings that make this infographic unique and interesting than any other infographic.

It’s a great example because it transforms raw traffic data into a colorful, organized chart. And the use of varied colors and icons allows for easy identification of each category. This infographic works because it clearly illustrates and explains each step in the process. In addition, you https://adprun.net/ can make the design process even easier by using an intuitive and fast infographic maker like Piktochart, as outlined in the video tutorial below. There are a lot of people who aspire to help protect the environment but are not aware of what to do — a problem solved by this infographic.

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(Yes, I really do love them.) So it’s no surprise infographics have become a standard form of visual content across niches. Without reading anything but the largest text, I can tell you that a lot more people speak Chinese than, say, Bengali. If I look a little closer, I can tell you exactly how many more. Most of the infographic examples in our list stick to charts and illustrations. Infographics pair visuals with written information to present data in an easy-to-digest format.

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