29 Craziest Anything U.S. Presidents Did

29 Craziest Anything U.S. Presidents Did

If you believe all of our most recent president is a little, well, unusual, it might convenience the head to know that the guy scarcely has actually a monopoly to your strange presidential behavior. Due to entirely unconventional preferences in the animals so you’re able to insane individual lifestyle, numerous prior heads from authorities have inked loads of zany stuff well worth remembering-otherwise neglecting. To have evidence, discover such 31 of your strangest one thing our very own presidents said and you may done typically. And understand the best outfits regarding providers one to epic attire our commanders-in-master, check out such 10 Stylish June Expenditures Away from Brooks Brothers!

I have seen you to definitely myself

Zachary Taylor, immediately after helping simply 16 days into the work environment, is murdered when you eat too many cherries. Specifically, at the a fourth-of-july occasion on the resource inside 1850, Taylor chomped upon huge amounts off cherries and you can gulped iced milk products. The blend of your acidic cherries as well as the dairy try sensed by the certain getting brought about gastroenteritis, causing major cramping, disease, dehydration, and you will, sooner, death with the July 9.

Throughout the Richard Nixon’s level paranoia he was preoccupied and you can infuriated which have Arizona columnist Jack Anderson. So much so your president consulted with aides on how to manage the newest gadfly, in addition to thumping your regarding. The guy thought getting poison in his medicine cabinet or presenting him to a lot of LSD because of the smearing they on his controls. Luckily for us, cooler thoughts (or easy strategies) succeeded and spot is quit.

Lyndon B. Johnson is actually our very brazenly unapologetic presidents. He performed anything his personal means and you can did not care everything considered they.

One of is own weird models would be to bring interviews throughout the toilet if you find yourself going to the toilet. Presidential biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin means just how “the guy just didn’t want this new conversation to end. If perhaps you were on the bedroom carrying when the guy went towards restroom, he would simply phone call you into the and you will state, ‘come in, We have not finished exactly what I am stating.'”

LBJ relatively didn’t come with guilt. Because the biographer Robert Caro refers to, “He early became well-known for good Rabelaisian earthiness, urinating on parking area of the house Office building because the urge took your. [And] in the event the an associate arrived to an effective Capitol bathroom when he are finishing during the urinal there,” one to won’t avoid your away from kicking away from a conversation.

LBJ had a famously nasty mouth, but Andrew Jackson in fact taught their parrot, Polly, to help you swear such as for instance good sailor. Legend enjoys they that cussing parrot must be removed out-of his user’s funeral in the event it “commenced swearing very loud and enough time concerning interrupt people and had as sent on the domestic.”

In 1976 South Governors Meeting as he is actually running having chairman, Jimmy Carter discussed seeing a yellow and you may eco-friendly orb from the heavens exterior Leary, Georgia, stating, “I do not laugh within anyone any further when they say they have seen UFOs. “

Carter was not really the only chairman exactly who swore the guy saw one thing mystical about air. His successor, Ronald Reagan, revealed his or her own alien come upon, which taken place in the a plane outside Bakersfield, California: “I seemed from window and spotted that it white light. It absolutely was zigzagging up to…I thought to [this new airplane pilot] Cougar aplikacje randkowe ‘Let’s follow it!'”

Whenever she began college, the 2 first started a romantic relationship and you will was indeed get married when she are twenty-one-to be the new youngest first female of all time

Grover Cleveland came across his spouse after she came into this world. She is this new dily pal and he do try to be the woman guardian whenever her father passed away during the 1875 (even though the guy wasn’t legally appointed) whenever she was just eleven yrs old.

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