Along with meeting the other criteria away from S5

Along with meeting the other criteria away from S5

7.dos Disaster brake system process. The new crisis brakes is going to be applied and you may create, and stay with the capacity of modulation, in the form of the service braking system handle.


(a) In the example of a truck-tractor throughout the unloaded condition and you may a single tool vehicle hence can perform pulling an airbrake furnished auto which will be loaded so you’re able to GVWR, are able to conference the requirements of eight.step one from the process of your solution brake handle merely, towards the trailer heavens have line and you can heavens suitable link control line regarding new towing car vented on environment prior to S6.step 1.14;

(b) Be capable of modulating the atmosphere regarding supply otherwise handle range towards the trailer in the form of the service brake handle having one inability about towing car service brake system because the specified during the eight.1.

8.step one Crisis stopping features. For every single trailer aside from a truck converter dolly should features a beneficial parking brake system one conforms to help you six which is applicable having brand new push given into the 6.step one or 6.dos if the sky tension on the supply line was at atmospheric tension.

(a) A vehicle parking brakes one adjusts so you can six and that enforce towards the push specified inside 6.step 1 or six.2 if air pressure on the also provide line is at atmospheric stress, or

(b) A crisis system one immediately is applicable the service brakes when the service tank is at one pressure significantly more than 20 lb/in two as well as the likewise have range is at atmospheric pressure. not, one agricultural commodity trailer, hefty hauler truck, otherwise pulpwood truck shall be considered from 8.step one or, in the option of the manufacturer, the needs of § of the title.

A truck converter dolly shall has, on maker’s solution –

8.2 Also have range pressure storage. People unmarried leakage particular incapacity from the solution brake system (apart from a failure of the likewise have range, a valve personally connected to the have line otherwise an element away from a braking system chamber housing) should maybe not make the stress from the also provide range falling lower than 70 psi, mentioned from the forward truck supply coupling. A trailer will meet the over have line pressure maintenance criteria with its brake system linked to the truck try rig found inside the Figure step one, towards the reservoirs of the truck and shot rig initially pressurized to help you one hundred psi and also the regulator of the trailer decide to try rig place from the 100 psi; besides a truck armed with an air-used, mechanically-held vehicle parking brakes and never designed to tow a motor vehicle equipped with air brake system, at maker’s option, may be considered out-of 8.cuatro instead of that from 8.2 and 8.step three.

8.3 Automated application of vehicle parking brakes. Which have an initial reservoir program pressure out of a hundred psi and you may first likewise have line stress off one hundred psi, while made to pull a car or truck armed with air brake system, with a fifty cubic inch test tank connected to the bottom supply range coupling, and with any then single leaks type inability in virtually any almost every other brakes, from an associate made to include compressed-air or brake liquid (similar to the parenthetical terms given from inside the 6.3.1), as soon as the air tension regarding the also provide range are 70 psi or more, the fresh vehicle parking brakes shall not give any brake retardation due to the fact an effective results of complete or limited automated application of the latest parking brakes.

8.cuatro Automated application of air-applied, mechanically held parking brakes. Along with its brake system attached to the also provide range portion of the newest truck sample rig (Profile 1) and the regulator of one’s trailer decide to try rig lay in the a hundred psi, with people solitary leaks particular inability on the provider braking system program (with the exception of a failure of likewise have range, a valve individually linked to the also have line otherwise a component off a brake chamber, but as well as failure of any preferred diaphragm), the newest vehicle parking brake system shall perhaps not offer any brake retardation once the an effective results of done or limited automatic application of new vehicle parking brakes.

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